Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lost in FarmVille?

If you're having trouble getting a hang of the way of things in FarmVille, you're not alone. I know of quite a few people who got into the game expecting it to be easy as pie and were quickly frustrated. In fact, I was one of them. So I went looking for a guide to help me master the farming life.

I actually tried quite a few of these guides, but not many of them had much helpful information to give. They were either designed for people who'd gotten all the way to the upper levels already, or they were severely outdated because of additions made to the game since they were released. FarmVille is a relatively new game and is still in the Beta stage, so a lot of improvements have been made to it in a short time and many of the guides on the market have not been updated to account for these changes.

So I finally broke down and bought FarmVille Secrets. This guide has been released pretty recently, so it's up to date on all of the latest advances in the game. I found it to be immensely helpful to me, and I was quickly raking in the coins and moving up in levels like you wouldn't believe.
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In addition to the helpful tips, FarmVille Secrets also includes some handy charts and other resources that help you to compare items available in the Market and also helps you to plan out your spending and improvement strategies. I think you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was when you read this guide and put the tips in it to use on your farm. I started to see results overnight almost. It's definitely a guide worth checking out if you're having trouble getting the hang of FarmVille, or if you just want to give your game an extra boost. Either way, you'll be happy you tried it. try it

Is Buying a FarmVille Guide Worth It?

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical when I first started seeing FarmVille guides popping up. I mean, I'd never really played the game, but from the name I assumed there couldn't be all that much to it. After all, how much strategy could possibly go into building a virtual farm? But once I started seeing these guides, I figured it'd be worth taking a shot at the game to see what all the hubbub could possibly be about.

And I was actually rather surprised. Building my own virtual farm was much more enjoyable than I'd imagined it would be. Part of that was because there really were a lot of options and a lot of decisions to make. The more I played the game, the more I realized that there probably could be a lot of helpful information in a guide because there were just too many ways you could play.

I was doing alright on my own, but I was getting more and more curious about what I might be missing out on. After I reached level 13 and was having a hard time getting farther, I decided to give one of the guides a shot. I bought FarmVille Secrets, a relatively new guide and pretty up to date on the latest additions to the game. I really wasn't expecting too much, but this guide just blew me away.

In no time, I was the Cream of the Crop, a level 24 farmer with a Big Family Farm and tons of neighbors to visit. Using the tips in this guide helped me way more than I thought they would – even when I read them. There's a lot more to this farming stuff than meets the eye. I'd recommend picking up a copy of FarmVille Secrets if you're interested in getting the most out of your FarmVille experience.

Do You Really Need a Guide For FarmVille?

I consider myself to be relatively well educated in the latest generation of social networking site games like Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, and such. That's why when I started to see these FarmVille guides popping up all over the place I was kind of surprised. I mean, I can see why people might need some tips to get going in games like Mafia Wars, but FarmVille?

At this point though I hadn't actually played the game, but I didn't really think it could be all that complicated. I figured I should give it a shot though, just so that I could say I knew what I was talking about. And I was in for a rather big surprise. In no time, I was out of money and had no crops to plant. I have to admit, there way more to this game than I had anticipated.

I eventually managed to dig myself out of my original hole and out of the red, but I still wasn't making all that much progress. I started to think that maybe I needed to see what these guides were all about. I wasn't really expecting much, but since I hadn't done so well on my own either, I figured it was worth a shot.

So I picked up a guide called FarmVille secrets, and was pleasantly surprised by the tips I found in it. You wouldn't think there were so many ways you could screw up a virtual farm, but believe me, you can. I was still stumbling along at level 6 when I got the guide after 2 weeks of playing regularly. Now I'm the proud owner of a plantation and a level 26 Sultan of Soil. And I still look back at my guide from time to time. If you're having trouble getting into the swing of things in FarmVille, this guide is not a bad investment.

Learn the secrets....

1) This may be a bit obvious but use your friends they will help with your making decisions in your farm and that is one of the keyfactors to farm ville.If you dont have many friends try and particapate in the forums you are bound to find a couple.Or in game strike up a conversation and everything will fall in place.

2) Getting ribbons may not seem like much but you have no idea how quickly you will level with these.You can aquire ribbons by collecting stray animals which is genrally easy.Also you can get them from buying or aquiring fences.For these ribbons you get experience experience= levels levels= you getting more out of the game !
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3) Extend your land but over time more land = more crops more crops = money exp etc
  BUT do NOT do it straight away you will go down hill if you extend your land straight away you will be waiting for ages for money and you will just have a big farm with no crops and i gurantee you will get bored in a day.

4) Try and get some NICE neighbours do not get random people you have never even heard of like in number one join the forums dont just post around need neighbours quick please.Meet people talk to them 10 minuites later they will be your neighbour and when you get neighbours you get gifts...
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5)(optional) Now youre pretty good in the game (with my amazing secrets lol) you may want to buy a chicken coop if you dont already have one.You may be asking why? Well this is where its your choice you can purchase the chicken coop for 5000 coins ! You have already probally though not a chance but just keep reading.The chicken coop enables you to harvest all of your chickens at once ! And thats not bad money .
Also this is a good bit you have 60 % more chance of getting a mystery egg,These mystery eggs can bring amazing prizes like flamingos.But this isnt for everyone it can take a long time.

6)  BUY A GREENHOUSE ! You get 1000 exprience just for buying it i would reccomend this for anyone beginers and you pro farmers out there.

Juts before we go on to then 7 if you like this guide please comment im desberate for comments bad or good :)

7) This isnt a secret skip if you wish but just a tip do not cheat in the game if you honestly think you are not going to get caught you are stupid they wacth your account stats and check on you through out the day and if youre stats just go up  by 30 levels in a night theyre going to review youre account and youre banned the next time you try to log in.

8) check out this link for more ultimate secrets (theyre better than mine!)
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